Evolution of Retail Payments

The evolution of payment systems will never stop. This is clearly demonstrated by changes in the last 3 decades.

In mid-nineties the dominant payment method on the market was bank wire transfers. The bank-to-bank transfers market reached 700 million US dollars in 1996.

A new revolution arouse when Paypal and credit cards emerged on the market. Online payments became the biggest part of the online money transfer market, and newly introduced service has reached 355 billion US dollars.

However, world of finance has changed dramatically. Blockchain technology brings incredible new opportunities to our society. Online retail industry continues to rise sharply. According to all major experts, the revenues of e-commerce will double in the coming 3 to 4 years. This fact reflects where Bitcoinus team is going with its business development.

Currently the adoption of blockchain based payments on the major online retailers is less than 1% in comparison to all traditional payment methods. This is exactly why the timing and opportunities for Bitcoinus company to start expanding could not be any better.

Resent predictions show that on 2020 blockchain payments will reach 4 trilllion US dollars and will occupy up to 10% of the online payment market. Looking at this high growing demand, predictions could be made that in 3 to 5 years crypto payments will overpower the whole online payments with up to 30% of market share.

The evolution of online payments has started. The growth of crypto industry is projected to develop exponentially.